1.5 Degrees: 
Meeting the Challenges of the Paris Climate Agreement​Conference at Oxford
 The Health and Human Rights Approach to Greenhouse Gas Pollution

The UNFCCC Secretariat's 2 May 2016 INDC Update on national emission targets shows that global greenhouse gas emissions will be even higher in 2030 than they are today- (by at least 16%)  (Aggregate effect of the intended nationally determined contributions: an update Synthesis report by the secretariat).
Carter, Peter D. (September 2016). An illustrated guide to the 1.5ºC policy target option, at the 1.5 Degrees: Meeting the Challenges of the Paris Agreement Conference, Oxford, UK.
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Climate Emergency Institute's Dr. Peter Carter presented the
at the Oxford 1.5 Degrees conference, calling
​for support ​of the rapid adoption of the IPCC's best-case scenario,
​RCP2.6.​​​​- in response to the INDC situation of increasing emissions to 2030.

Here is a very good report on some of the main expert reports given at of the Oxford 1.5C conference. 
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2005 Book of the Planet Emergency by Marr, Carter and Ketola

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