Evidence list of the global climate planetary emergency
Observed catastrophically dangerous effects
​of global climate change - already
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Observed impacts from global climate change already
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o Industrial GHG emissions are at an all time high.
o ​Atmospheric CO2 highest in 15-20 million years​
o All atmospheric GHGs accelerating since 2000​
o Atmospheric methane has increased 2.5 times and is now                  accelerating due to methane feedback emissions.​
o ​Dramatic increase in global concurrent droughts & heat waves

Persistent California drought​ (4th year)
o 2014 and 2015 (projected) hottest years on record. ​
o Global surface warming accelerating
​o Arctic amplified warming - now 3X global average 
o ​Rapid decline of Arctic summer sea ice ​(albedo feedback)
o Rapid decline of Far North snow​ (albedo feedback)
o Acceleration of Greenland ice loss.
o Acceleration of Antarctic mass loss​
o All Antarctica is warming​
o Acceleration- thinning of Antarctic glaciers​
o Thawing permafrost is emitting methane ,
  ​CO2 and nitrous oxide 
o ​Venting East Siberian shelf methane hydrate
​ is a catastrophic planetary danger.
o Increased global 'natural' disasters​
o Increased severe storm intensity​ with large
​ increase in intensity of hurricanes and cyclones.
o Very large increase number of N. Atlantic tropical storms​
o Unprecedented increase in extreme weather events
​ affecting all continents last decade​,  ​with extraordinary heat and drought ​affecting N hemisphere since 2000.
o Increased drought regionally this century​.
o Prolonged Amazon drought
o Increased forest fires​​
o Large increase in heating of deep oceans​
o Ocean acidification rate highest in 300 million years
 ​ and affecting shell making organisms
o Ocean plankton 40% drop​
o Increased coral bleaching​
o Estimated 400,000 deaths due to climate change​
o Climate change -ve effects on crop yields ​affecting most regions.
o Dengue fever is spreading
o Increasing malaria in some regions
o Increasing climate change linked cholera​
o Increase in many ​​​infectious diseases

All these are being caused by a global warming of 1C.
We are committed (locked in) to a warming of over double that. ​

​The health and human rights approach to climate change