Committed Global Climate Change Planetary Emergency

 The Health and Human Rights Approach to Climate Change
Climate change is set to inflict “severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts”
​on people and the natural world unless carbon emissions ​are cut

​sharply and rapidly.

IPCC at Lima, pre-COP20 (2014)​​
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​​5 Jan 2015 Current pace of environmental climate ​change is unprecedented in Earth's history
15 May 2018 UN Sec. General says climate change is an 'existential threat' to most life on the planet, ​including and especially humankind, UN chief warns global summit, ​and the age of fossil fuels must be ended.
VIDEO of the historic statement by UN Secretary-General António Guterres 
11 Sept 2018 UN Secretary-General Guterres warns "If we do not change course by 2020,
​​we risk missing the point where we can avoid runaway climate change, with disastrous
​consequences for people and all the natural systems that sustain us.
IPCC Madrid UN COP25 opening IPCC statement Dec 2019      
"Our assessments show that... greenhouse gas emissions must start to peak from next year." "The Three special reports reconfirm the  urgent need for immediate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions"

Nov 2019      World ​Scientists Warning to Humanity: Climate Emergency 

18 Oct 2019 ​“Climate change a considerable threat to global food security, with existential outcomes  
17 Sept 2019 Our addiction to fossil fuels causes climate emergency, say UN human rights experts
10 Oct 2019 IMF warns world must take urgent steps to reduce global warming                   
IPCC 2018 1.5C Report: ONLY ONE YEAR LEFT to put global emissions into rapid decline from 2020 to avoid global climate catastrophe.

15 Jan 2018 We Have Five Years To Save Ourselves From Climate Change, renowned Harvard Scientist Says. He argued that the physical sciences should take responsibility for preventing environmental catastrophe in the same way the biological sciences have set out to cure cancer.
25 June 2020 UN Climate Secretariat "To avoid runaway climate change we must act now"
Big Climate News
We are in 2021. For over a decades the world of science has been i9n agreement that global emissions must be declining rapidly by 2020. Emissions did decline early early in 2020 due to the inactivity of the global economy of the Covid-19 lock down. It did last long. Governments poured money into the failing fuel industry and now global emissions are back up where they were in 2019.

At the same from 2020 the climate change ​published research has increased markedly in volume and severity of findings and forecasts. Today all of humanity is in a situation of unprecedented evil. 

It is a great deal of big but bad news from the climate science front. The news is terrible, tough to take in, but it must be told. ​​​​​ ​