"In the face of an absolutely unprecedented emergency,​ society has no choice  ​but to take dramatic action ​to avert a collapse of civilization."  Blue Planet Laureates UN Rio+20  2012.

Global warming threatens the very survival of humanity (UNEP GEO4). 

We are now committed to a number of catastrophic climate change ​impacts because of future degrees warming that can no longer ​be avoided. 

Jan 2013 Letter to President Obama from MIT-  ​Global climate is risking dramatic upheavals in global ​security.
James Hansen planetary emergency  2008  ​short VIDEO
In 2008 and again in 2012 James Hansen made a public statement warning that as a result of the rapid Arctic changes a planetary emergency existed.  In 2010 James Hansen's book Storms of My Grandchildren The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity explained the emergency in detail.

In  2009 Lester Brown, an American leading expert in sustainability published his Plan B 4 (Earth Policy Institute) Mobilizing to Save Civilization. ​​​His plan to deal with this unprecedented crisis is the most comprehensive there is.
Many authorities have warned that we are in a global climate change planetary emergency.
Planetary Emergency

​​The rapidly melting Arctic snow and summer sea ice
has already changed our world. Now the Global North is in a climate emergency  situation as well as the Global South, due to N. hemisphere climate instability, extreme summer heat and drought. This will first affect world food security and prices hurting billions of most vulnerable people in the world.
Many food producing regions  have  been affected by drought in the past few years. ​​

In addition a planetary emergency exists for all future life because the Arctic summer sea ice is past its tipping point (2007) and Arctic methane feedback ​​has started, which leads to rapid runaway global warming.
Scientists Consensus on Maintaining Humanity's Support Systems MAHB May 2013
Nov 2013 IPCC AR5 WG1 ​The warming of the planet since 1950 is “unprecedented,” ​
World Bank Turn Down the Heat reports 2013. The world is being committed to an end of the world 4C warming. A 2C world (the 2C target) is catastrophic for billions. ' ...​the science is clear. There can be no substitute for aggressive national mitigation targets, and the burden of emissions reductions lies with a few large economies.”
Alert Financial Times 24 June 20103 Warming oceans make parts of the world ‘uninsurable’,
Oct 2013 Study in Nature (regional warming) urgent new time frame for climate change free full Nature paper
Why the 2ºC target is certain planetary disaster (James Hansen)
The rapidity with which the human-caused positive forcing is being introduced has no known analog in Earth's history. (J. Hansen )
2014 NASA video| Six Decades of a Warming Earth to 2013
Committed Global Climate Change Planetary Emergency


 ​IPCC 2007Projected future climate change — virtually ​certain to be unprecedented.
 The Health and Human Rights Approach to Climate Change
IPCC AR5 WG3  "Without additional efforts to reduce GHG emissions , emissions  global mean surface temperature increases in 2100 from 3.7 to 4.8°C with ​a range to 7.8°C when including climate uncertainty." 
IPCC AR5 - prospect extreme climate change - devastating effects
2014 risk statement of the Geneva Association (Insurance agencies)
See photos of scenes from across the globe
                   We must have a global climate emergency response 
People's climate emergency statement Bonn June 2013
Establishing a Global Climate Emergency Protocol March 2014
Universal Responsibility and the Climate Emergency
His Holiness, the Dalai Lama
Climate Crisis Emergency is Here G Gioseffi 2013
Key science publication
J Hansen et al 2013
​Assessing “Dangerous Climate Change”:... to Protect Young People, Future Generations & Nature​.
2011 Environmental coalition calls on leaders to ​declare global climate emergency.
May 2014Video Prof Malte ​Meinshausen Committed collapse W. Antarctic ice sheet
Climate Action Network Int. emergency response June 2014 Position Statement 
2014 Canada Green Party climate emergency declared
Guardian 20 Sept 2014 Climate Change Global Emergency
Oct 2015 US Immediate Risk to National Security Posed by Global Warming
Oct 2014 British Medical Journal to WHO Climate: declare health emergency now.
Oct 2014 .UN A Anew climate change agreement must include human rights protection. 
IPCC at Lima Pre-Cop20 2014 Climate change is set to inflict “severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts” on people and the natural world unless carbon emissions are cut sharply and rapidly."
The world faces a planetary emergency Dec 2014 Friends of the Earth Int. UN Lima conference 
Davos Jan 2015  World Economic Forum climate quotes
2014 Business Insider 25 Devastating Effects Of Climate Change
19 Jan 2015 The Bulletin moves Doomsday Clock to 3 minutes before midnight.
29 March 2015, UN: Emissions proposals will result in over 2ºC — planetary catastrophe.
30 March 2015 It is confirmed: Global warming causes more warming / vicious cycle ​amplifying feedback.
​IPCC AR4 WG2 4.1.2  Future climate change and other human-induced pressures are virtually certain to be unprecedented in the past several hundred millennia.

WMO annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin, Sept 2014 "We have the tools for action to try to give our planet a chance and to give our grandchildren a future."

8 June 2015, the G7 commit to IPCC AR5 best-case RCP2.6 by a 70% reduction of emissions by 2050 on 2010 and decarbonization by 2100, and to the elimination of inefficient fossil fuel subsidies​.