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Global warming increases heat waves, drought, wildfires, storms and floods

It was always predictable by the basic science that constant atmospheric GHG pollution, with increasing GHGs in the atmosphere, would  lead to increased extreme weather. Global warming will increase extreme heat leading to increased drought, which together will increase the risk of wildfires. .

​​As global warming increases, ​​climate extremes increase along with the average temperature and climate. The most obvious is heat waves with increased forest fires. ​​

Global warming has so far significantly increased extreme heat events.

Computer models studies confirm that as global warming rises so will heat waves. By 2040 the areas affected will have increased several fold, and we are committed to this by climate system inertia.
​Climatic warming of about 0.5 ° C in the global mean since the 1970s has strongly increased the occurrence-probability of heat extremes on monthly to seasonal time scales. For the near-term (i.e., by 2040), the models predict a robust, several-fold increase in the frequency of such heat extremes, irrespective of the emission scenario. Unmitigated climate change causes most (>50%) continental regions to move to a new climatic regime with the coldest summer months by the end of the century substantially hotter than the hottest experienced today.
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Wild Fires
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  Global warming IS increasing wild fires  

​​ 31 May 2017 ​​Fires, storms, insects: climate change increases risks for forests worldwide                                                                   
As expected global warming causes more heat waves, and also more forest wildfires. How ever it's also the case that the biggest fires that regularly appear every year are intentionally set for slash and burn agriculture.  
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