​2021 Climate Science World Warning 
 The Health and Human Rights Approach to Greenhouse Gas Pollution
Outreach, Administrative Support

​Dulanthi Perera, 
United Kingdom​

​• Bachelors, Humanities & Social Science, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
29 Jan 2021 90 slide draft presentation of world warning to stop the annihilation of almost all Life on Earth
Facing FutureYou tube channel and ap 
Racing Annihilation for a golden future of endless clean energy for all
Main objectives are
Stop the collapse of the biosphere-already in progress

>UN Security Council Climate c​hange and world security emergency 
>National Academies & Royal Society ​declare climate and ecological emergency and ecological - inform their governments on emergency responses
>Support World Scientists warning climate emergency​
>Support climate ecocide law and crime against humanity (ICC). ​
>Boost world ​mobilization 

1. Global halt to fossil subsidies right away by sustained global campaign (no international on-going campaign)
2. Global halt to GHG intensive subsidies to the agriculture and food industries (global sust campaign)
3. Put escalating to full cost global price on carbon pollution (global sust campaign)
4. Make atmospheric greenhouse gas pollution the world’s top issue
5. Climate Impacts Vancouver
6. EGU
7. AGU
We WILL reach out to over 1000 parties by May 2021 (on our contact list from involved individuals to the biggest global organization and corporations.)
We WILL make a submission (communication for investigation) the International Court of Justice regarding unprecedented crimes against humanity driven by the national politics and economics and industries of war and oppression.
Communicate supportive evidence to all climate change legal challenges by young people
The ambitious project is immediately motivated by one momentous research paper (…ghastly future) of January 2021, and two other shocking papers of the same month (see below). These and other such recent papers bring the climate emergency to a new terrible level. We have to do everything we possibly can this year, with the 26th annual UN Climate Conference at the end of the year and negotiations deadlocked. The Jan 2021 Wired article on Climate Warp Speed, reflects the kind of response.
A concerted worldwide response to the collapsing biosphere through a global information education, promotion and persuasion campaign (N Stern, 2006) to rescue the planet and safeguard what we still can of the future from now unavoidable climate and ocean disruption catastrophe.
This requires nothing short of a new living Earth-directed scientific, industrial and economic revolution, to be kick-started this year. With this, future generations might still win the best possible bright solar-age future for humanity.
The January 2021 research papers
• Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future Corey J. A. Bradshaw et al, 13 Jan 2021
• How close are we to the temperature tipping point of the terrestrial biosphere? Katharyn A. Duffy et al, 13 Jan 2021
• Greater committed warming after accounting for the pattern effect Chen Zou et al, 4 Jan 2021
Climate Operation Warp Speed (Clive Thompson, Wired, 17 an 2021)
Climate Emergency Institute
Dr. Peter Carter, director of the Climate Emergency Institute this year and over the past 5 years he has presented the rapid increase, now accelerating, global climate change data that collectively show a trend to biosphere collapse, with the indicators tracking closest to the very worst scenario.
Global climate change is the biggest, toughest issue of all issues of all time. Today’s agenda of continued increase in fossil fuel extraction, distribution and burning is the crime of all time and the greatest evil ever.
All adverse indicators are at record highs and accelerating. This is a rapid trend to biosphere collapse – indeed, accelerating ocean acidification alone can collapse the biosphere.
Humanity and most life cannot survive this trend if not stopped right away. This includes the accelerating 6th extinction. One example is that insects are declining by 1 to 2% per year.
We have no time and no carbon budget to burn. Action has to be immediate, and that applies to all countries. We are all going to be impacted severely. It applies particularly to the wealthiest 1% of the world's population were responsible for the emission of more than twice as much carbon dioxide as the poorer half of the world. Geoengineering cannot manage this biosphere collapse and there is no time for it. The climate emergency is now widely acknowledged but there is no global campaign for the united, all-out, last-chance global Earth emergency response. There is not even one the stop fossil fuel subsidies. Governments and world powers are preventing the conversion of fossil fuel energy to 100% clean renewables, which is a death sentence for humanity and most life.
It will take the greatest project of all time to survive this death sentence. We believe the first essential step is for national science organizations around the world to acknowledge the climate emergency, formally inform their governments how dire it is, and urge them to immediately implement the long well-known mitigation measures in a massive Manhattan / Apollo / Marshall-model venture, to have a chance at survival.
This is the greatest science mission and science-tech venture ever. It includes new high-energy-dense power production and safe CO2 removal.
• We believe that zero-fossil-fuel energy can and has to be achieved in under 10 years. Without this, global heating and ocean acidification will continue to accelerate.
• We believe that implementing air pollution measures to slash black carbon emissions (including the end of broadcast burning in agriculture) is an overlooked strategy for buying time by creating an immediate pause in today’s accelerating ocean and global surface heating.
Saving the climate and the planet is the greatest world economic and employment benefit ever – NOT a cost.
• Support the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres, in his requests of governments to respond to the climate emergency
• The war model based massive mobilization (wage peace) is key (e.g.Lester Brown Plan B4, The Climate Mobilization) There is an enemy of all life ‘The Fossil-fueled Economy’
• Support the full terms of the 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, or UNFCCC (which are not being respected)
• Compel all governments to immediately stop subsidizing greenhouse gas pollution .
• Stop fracking right away
• The war based nation state government and its democracy is inherently negligent and damaging to the real world of Nature, indigenous, and to the future. Nature traditional indigenous peoples, and future generations must have governmental legal and economic rights and the nation state disempowered and must be disempowered. The precautionary principle must be legislated as a human and Nature right. The principle of subsidiarity and local citizen assemblies with governmental powers applies here.
• Persuade national science organizations, institutions and academies to advise their governments of the full existential emergency threatening the survival of the human race (due especially to world agricultural collapse) and most life (from runaway climate change). Persuade them to tell their governments to immediately implement the well-known mitigation measures: 1) immediate decline in global GHG emissions >5%/year, 2) correct the economic market failure that has led to the climate emergency (externalization of social/health and environmental costs; subsidization of polluting industries). The national science organizations have not declared the climate emergency and made no indication of such on their websites.
• Inform (educate) the world about the above.
• Urge divestment from fossil fuels and reinvestment in renewables (“to make good money”) at all levels and in all sectors.
• Catalyze a united civil society 2021 NGO climate emergency campaign. NGOs have not declared the climate emergency (on their websites).
• Create a legacy in honour of today’s children and life on Earth.
• Support the rights of Nature and Indigenous Peoples.
• Make COP 26 in Glasgow the “turning point” (starting in June 2021).
• All Parties must put global emissions into rapid decline from 2020 on, which is essential for a chance at survival.
• Promote a declaration by the UN Security Council of the climate emergency.
• Promote a zero-carbon-combustion world economy.
• Communicate the root cause which is the evil economy .
• Encourage NGOs to promote vegan and generally no-harm peaceful lifestyles.
• Encourage peace & disarmament and all NGOs to call for re-orientation of defense and space resources with an immediate 10% a year of national defense budgets and resources re-allocated to defend Earth. (Globally, military budgets increased to nearly $2 trillion ($1,917 billion) in 2019.) All space expenditures must be diverted to Earth – Mars and the moon are not going anywhere. (In 2018, global government budgets for space exploration totaled $70.9 billion.)
• Honour truth tellers.
No-time Timeline:
31 May 2021: Start of 1st Bonn sessional period
22 April 2021: Earth Day
5 June 2021: World Environment Day
30 Sept-2 Oct 2021: Pre-COP Milan
Nov 1-12, 2021: COP26 in Glasgow
It’s worse and earlier than we are told
By the full facts science the situation is much worse than assessments indicate. There are many ow generally accepted recent (mostly) fatally flawed misleading ideas of the science. People have the right to know
 2015 UN Paris Agreement emissions Targets have been changed
• Carbon neutrality, net zero, negative emissions
• Targets always to be (properly) a %ge reduction in actual annual, emissions
This is no longer the case. Countries are free to do their emissions accounting in any way they want. There is no agreed standard method. Net zero or carbon neutrality allows counties to reduce their emissions as much they say is possible, and get to net zero by carbon trading offsetting and by removing an amount of CO2 (negative emissions).
Projections limited to 2100, allowable carbon budget, CO2 removal, delayed peak emissions, global warming policy metric, the 2C limit (& by 2100), the single 3°C climate sensitivity, climate change reversibility, Arctic sea ice reversibility, runaway (not recognized), some NH food producing regions are not vulnerable, adaptability. There is no place for (CCS) carbon capture storage of fossil fuel or cement industry emissions, nor bioenergy CSS. These are planet killing corporate boondoggles. CO2 draw down by forest and agriculture management, and afforestation at best is very limited and only temporary storage. Deforestation and old growth logging has to stop as the priority.

Based on past world warnings of the climate emergency this our biggest ever such project. wW will contact over 1000 key players from our extensive contact list,and the main players by postal hard mail. All sections of society world wide will be contacted​. This is directed to the end of year UN COP26 climate conference planned for Glasgow Scotland, though we will engage in the process starting in June Bonn  Germany
Though since the 2018 IPCC 1.5C Report the world is mostly aware of the climate emergency few people know how terrible it is according the recent research and data trends. Most do now understand what has to happen according to the science. The denial campaign is as active and pervasive as ever, and people are still confused about the facts. They are not being told the full truth of the science. Most of the scientists are supporting government policies of compromise and political so-called feasibility. There is no emergency response and no global emergency plan or agreement. 
Peter Carter, Director ​Climate Emergency Institute, Victoria,  BC Canada
Dr Reese Halter,​ California, Ecologist Earth Doctor 
Julie Johnston, GreenHeart Education, Sustainability, Victoria BC Canada ​
Shirleen Chin, ​Green Transparency, The Hague Netherlands
Paul ​Beckwith, climate change scientist, Ottawa Canada
Regina Valdez, Climate Reality, New York ​City USA
Laurent ​Cousineau, Climate Change Guide, youth member, Montreal Canada 
​Madhvi Chittoor​, Madhvi4EcoEthics, child member, Colorado USA
UN Security Council Members
Letters as hard mail/faxes/emails​
https://www.un.org/press/en/2021/ sgsm20596.doc.htm​

​​China Permanent Mission of the People's Republic of China to the UN
Ambassador Geng Shuang
Address: 350 East 35th Street, Manhattan, New York, NY 10016, USA
Nicolas de Rivière Ambassador and Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations (All I could find)
UN Address
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​Telephone: 1 (212) 702-4900
Russia Note Has FAX
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Fax machine: +1 212 628-0252
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Acting Ambassador Richard Mills Jr
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United States Mission to the United Nations
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email usun.newyork@state.gov​
Non Permanent Members
Ambassador Sven Jürgenson
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Ambassador. T. S. Tirumurti
The Mission of India to the United Nations is located at 235 East,
43rd Street, [between 2nd and 3rd Avenue], New York 10017.
The Office hours are from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday.
Our Contact Details are as follows :
TEL: 212-490-9660
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The Mission of Ireland to the United Nations
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Amb. Martin Kimani
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Permanent Mission of Tunisia to the United Nations in NEW YORK, United States
Tarek Ladeb, Ambassadeur
31 Beekman Place, NEW YORK, N.Y
 H.E. Ambassador Dang Dinh Qu
866 U.N. Plaza, Suite 428, New York, NY 10017, New York
Direct line: 1-212-644-0594 or 1-212-644-2535
Fax: 1-212-644-5732
Email: info@vietnamconsulate-ny.org
Actions taken
January: On
Jo Biden's election for US president we wrote him urging him to institute strong climate change policies, including a ban on fossil fuel fracking in his first week as President
February: The
UN Security Council discussed climate change as a security issue. We emailed/faxed and hard mailed all Security Council members, with the evidence that current and projected climate disruption is the world security threat of all time. 
UN Member States gathered virtually February 22-23 for the Fifth Session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-5). This is the world’s top environmental decision-making body attended by government leaders, businesses, civil society and environmental activists. 
Climate Emergency Institute 
The health and human rights approach to climate change
13 Jan 2021,  Corey J. A. Bradshaw et al, Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future
27 Nov 2019, T. M. Lenton et al,  Climate Tipping Points Too Risky to Bet Against (Planetary Emergency
15 Jan 2018 We Have Five Years To Save Ourselves From Climate Change, Harvard Scientist Says. He argued the physical sciences should take responsibility for preventing environmental catastrophe in the same way the biological sciences have set out to cure cancer.